B60 Through-Hull Transducer

Bronze, 600W, Dual Frequency (50/200 kHz) with Tilted Element Technology for CP370 Sonar

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B60 Through-Hull Transducer

B60 Overview

The B60 is a bronze, dual-frequency (50/200 kHz) through hull transducer with tilted element technology that compensates for the boat's hull deadrise, eliminating the need for a fairing block. The transducer mounts nearly flush to the boat's hull reducing drag and improving water flow. Built-in deadrise compensation keeps the main focus of the beam pointing straight down, resulting in strong echo returns and accurate depth readings. The B60 also has a built-in water temperature sensor.

The B60 is ideal for inshore or coastal fishing in shallow to medium depths.  Its combination for frequencies and beams make it ideal for slow trolling, structure fishing and drifting. This is also a great choice for deep-water lake fishing.  

The bronze through-hull fitting is ideal for wood or fiberglass hulls.

The B60 comes fitted with a Raymarine 8-pin "DSM-style" connector that is directly compatible with the CP370 sonar module and legacy CP300, DSM300, DSM30 and DSM250 modules. B60 can be adapted to work with other systems using optional transducer adapter cables, sold separately. 

B60 Models

B60 12º Tilted Element Transducer

SKU: E66086
B60 12º Tilted Element Transducer
  • Deadrise Angles: 8 - 15°

  • 12° Offset

B60 20º Tilted Element Transducer

SKU: E66085
B60 20º Tilted Element Transducer
  • Deadrise Angles: 16 - 24°

  • 20° Offset

B60 Transducer Resources

General Specifications




Power (RMS)


Max Depth

1,200 Ft. (L) / 700 Ft. (H)


50 / 200 kHz

Beam Width

45° / 12°


Depth / Temperature

Hull Material

Fiberglass / Wood

Cable Length

33 Ft. / 10 M.