B265 Through-Hull Transducer

Bronze, 1kW for Axiom Pro series and CHIRP Sonar modules

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B265 Through-Hull Transducer

B265 Overview

With up to 103kHz of CHIRP range and 8 internal ceramics this transducer has the ability to provide great target separation in both shallow and deep water. 

B265 comes in either a Low/High (LH) configuration or a Low/Medium (LM) configuration.

The medium element will provide better shallow water coverage under the vessel, while the high element will provide better shallow water resolution.

Use the low element for deep-water detection of bottom and fish as deep as 3,000 meters (10,000 feet.)

The B265 is fitted with an 11-pin CHIRP transducer connector that mates directly to Axiom Pro RVX, Axiom 2 Pro RVM,  RVX-1000, RVM-1600, CP470, CP570 and legacy CHIRP sonar modules.

The included high performance Fairing improves broadband performance at speeds over 30 knots (34 MPH).

B265 Models

B265LH Low-High Transducer

SKU: A80010
B265LH Low-High Transducer
  • Max Depth (Ft): 3,000 (L) / 1,000 (H)

  • Frequency (KHz): 42-65 (L) / 130-210 (H)

  • Beam Width: 25° / 16° (L) / 10° / 6° (H)

B265LM Low-Medium Transducer

SKU: A80011
B265LM Low-Medium Transducer
  • Max Depth (Ft): 3,000 (L) / 1,500 (M)

  • Frequency (KHz): 42-65 (L) / 85-135 (M)

  • Beam Width: 25° / 16° (L) / 16° / 11° (M)

B265 Transducer Resources

General Specifications




Power (RMS)



Depth / Temperature

Hull Material

Fiberglass / Wood

Cable Length

33 Ft. / 10 M.

Deadrise Angles

0 - 20°