Wireless Hull Transmitter (T121)

Depth, speed and compass transducer interface for Micronet wireless instrument systems

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Wireless Hull Transmitter (T121)


The Wireless Hull Transmitter converts the signals from connected depth, speed and compass transducers to wireless data used by Raymarine wireless Micronet instruments. Simple, color-coded connections allow for easy connection of sensors, while a built-in lithium battery allows the system to run for up to 300 hours on its own.  Connect it to your boat's DC power system or charge using an optional solar panel.

For multihull vessels, install 2 Hull Transmitters and 2 sets of transducers in the boat and let Raymarine's advanced Micronet wind information determine which tack the vessel is on, for accurate depth and speed information even at all times.

  • Compatible with Raymarine wireless instruments
  • Built-in lithium battery pack offers up to 300 hours of disconnected operation
  • Power from the boat, or keep it charged using the optional T138 Solar Panel accessory
  • Wireless Micronet networking for easy, no-wires connection to other instruments
  • Optional depth, speed and compass transducers required (sold seperately)

Wireless Hull Transmitter (T121)

Interface for depth, speed and compass transducers

Wireless Hull Transmitter (T121)

SKU: T121
Wireless Hull Transmitter (T121)
  • Micronet wireless network compatible

  • Optional T138 Solar Panel sold separately

  • Transducers sold separately