Hunt Fish with Radar – Automatic Bird Mode

Bird Mode automatically adjusts radar parameters for locating flocks of sea birds at distance. Now you can use radar to locate sea birds above schools of fish.

Hunt Fish with Automatic Bird Mode | Raymarine

Captain Shaun Ruge on Super HD Color Bird Mode

Capt. Shaun Ruge | Raymarine Ambassador

"Having seen what this can do vs. the 4KW dome and the older analog as a consumer, I would have mortgaged my house to upgrade to the 12 KW array. We thought we had an advantage before.... not even close.

When you couple that ability to see that range with the ability of the boat to run that distance in short time in just about any conditions it truly does change how you look for fish and the time you spend doing it. Putting a 12KW on a smaller slower boat would not really make much sense although it does make a difference. But on a bigger faster center console its a must in my opinion.

The fuel savings alone in a boat that size running at those speeds VS. driving search patterns all day over 3-5 trips is enough to cover the cost of the price difference between the 4KW dome and 12KW array.

Most people just don't think of it that way. The money people spend in fuel to chase fish like tuna is a LOT, especially if you consider how much they DON‘T catch because they never saw them. If they invested in Radar, and didn’t fish one month to save the fuel $$ they would cover the cost and be able to find fish all the time.”