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Pushing Raymarine Products to the Limits

From fast and furious powerboat racers to world cruisers, top class fishermen to world record breaking rowers; our ambassadors are pushing the boundaries and testing our marine equipment at extreme limits.

Not only do our ambassadors give us great direction for future product development but they provide some great hints and tips, videos and how-to's for all who love to live life on the water.

We are always interested in hearing from individuals and teams looking to become Raymarine ambassadors, for sponsorship and charity support. We receive hundreds of applications each year and in order to help both us and you when considering your proposal please read the following FAQ’s before contacting us.



Alex Thomson  - Solo Offshore Sailor | Raymarine by FLIR

Alex Thomson

Solo Offhore Sailor

British sailor Alex Thomson is one of the world’s most accomplished and well known solo offshore sailors. Thomson broke on to the professional sailing scene at a young age. In 1998/1999 he became the youngest skipper ever to win a round-the-world yacht race, setting a record that still stands today.


Andrea Mura - Offshore Sailor | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Andrea Mura

Offshore Sailor

Andrea Mura is the most successful Italian sailor of recent years. Winning line honours in the OSTAR 2013 aboard his Open 50 Vento di Sardegna and with wins in the challenging Route du Rhum, the Twostar (two handed transatlantic race from Plymouth, UK) and the Transat Quebec - Saint Malo.


Geoff Holt - All Rounder | Raymarine by FLIR

Geoff Holt

All Rounder

Geoff Holt MBE was a professional yachtsman with many ocean crossings under his belt until he was paralysed in a swimming accident in 1984. Today he commits much of his life engaging others in his passion for making the sea accessible to everyone.


Juho Karhu - Adventure Sailor | Raymarine by FLIR

Juho Karhu

Adventure Sailor

With his background in match racing and his love for snow and freezing temperatures, he decided to make the jump into expedition sailing by moving on board his s/y Sylvia to experience the Arctic at its best. His current mission is is to sail from Finland to Svalbard.

Alonzo Sotillo - Pro Angler | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Alonzo Sotillo

Pro Angler

Sotillo operates Tides Right Charters, and regularly opts to forego distractions like football, neighborhood parties and home improvement projects to keep his eye on the prize.

Antonia Amaral - Pro Charter Captain | Raymarine by FLIR

Antonio Amaral

Pro Charter Captain

Technical editor of Pesca & Companhia Magazine, a premier sport fishing magazine from Brazil. Photographer and collaborator for American and Australian magazines such as Sportfishing magazine (USA), Marlin magazine (USA) Bluewater magazine (Australia), On The Bite, Big Game Journal.

RealVision 3D Transom Mount Transducer | Raymarine by FLIR

Art Sapp

Pro Angler

Seventh-generation Floridian, Captain Art Sapp, is a fearsome competitor and one of South Florida’s top fishing charters. His tournament record and backlogged calendar prove it.

Bernie Schultz - Pro Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Bernie Schultz

Pro Angler

Born in Sanford, Florida, in 1954, Bernie Schultz spent his youth along the shores of Lake Markham, and the Wekiva and St. Johns Rivers.

Bill McDonald - Pro Bass Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Bill McDonald

Pro Bass Angler

Born in Laurel, Mississippi in 1951, Bill McDonald has been competing as a professional angler for over 30 years now.

C.A Richardson - Pro Bass Angler| Raymarine by FLIR

C.A Richardson

Pro Bass Angler & TV Host

C.A was worn in Charleston, South Carolina in 1965 and then moved to St. Petersburg in 1967, where he honed his angling skills on the beaches, piers, and inshore flats of Tampa Bay.

Charlie Ingram - Pro Bass Angler| Raymarine by FLIR

Charlie Ingram

Pro Bass Angler

With over 35 years’ experience as a professional angler, Charlie Ingram is a fixture in every bass tournament trail in America.

Chris Lane - Pro Bass Angler| Raymarine by FLIR

Chris Lane

Pro Bass Angler

Chris Lane has been fishing professionally since the year 2000, but his tournament fishing goes back to when he was just a boy and would have family tournaments between his dad, grandfather, and his brothers Bobby and Arnie Lane.

Cristiano Lagostena - Pro Fisherman | Raymarine by FLIR

Cristiano Lagostena

Pro Fisherman

Italian born Cristiano Lagostena has always followed his passion for the sea. Over the last twenty years he has dedicated himself to practicing and honing multiple fishing techniques from handlines and longlines to landing techniques.

RealVision 3D Transom Mount Transducer | Raymarine by FLIR

Frank Crescitelli

Pro Angler

The New York City that Captain Frank Crescitelli knows is probably not the New York City you know. While over 8 million NYC residents are busy looking for parking spots, Crescitelli is looking for fish for his charter clients and TV audience.

George Gozdz - Charter Guide and TV Host | Raymarine by FLIR

George Gozdz

Charter Guide & TV Host

When Captain George Gozdz isn't filming for his television show Reel Time Florida Sportsman you'll find him guiding on the Indian River Lagoon and St.Lucie River system.

Greg LaMere - Pro Fisherman | Raymarine by FLIR

Greg LaMere

Pro Fisherman

Semi Retired from proffessional fishing the In-Fisherman professional Walleye Trail, for 17 plus years.

Jackson Kayaks - Pro Anglers | Raymarine by FLIR

Jackson Kayaks

Pro Angler

Martin Collison has been passionate about fishing since the age of 6 and was lured into kayak fishing about 10 years ago and has relished the opportunities this has offered him in both fresh and salt water fishing. Mark Radcliffe started his fishing in the Humber and despite travelling all over the world his Humber memories as some of his fondest.

James Niggemeyer - Pro Bass Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

James Niggemeyer

Pro Bass Angler

Professional Bass Fisherman from Van, Texas.

Jimmy Houston - Pro Bass Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Jimmy Houston

Pro Bass Angler & TV Host

Professional Bass Fisherman from Cookson, Oklahoma.

John Crews - Pro Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

John Crews

Pro Angler

Born and raised in central Virginia, John started fishing full time right after college in the fall of 2000. Fishing BASS and FLW for a few years, Crews has only fished the BASS Elite Series for the last 10 years.

Jorn Hetzel - Pro Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Jorn Hetzel

Pro Angler

In addition to the guided fishing trips, Jörn Hetzel also offers skipper training day and night as well as radar and AIS training.

Justin van der Walt - Pro Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Justin van der Walt

Pro Angler

Born 1983 in Cape Town, South Africa. Captain Justin van der Walt developed his passion for the outdoors and fishing through constant exposure to these activities by his farther. At the age of 16 he lost most of the use of his right arm in a motorcycle accident but was determined not to let this stand in the way of living life to its fullest.

Kristian Ahlgren - Pro Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Kristian Ahlgren

Pro Angler

The pro-fisherman Kristian Ahlgren of Ylöjärv is especially familiar with the spinning fishermen. Salmon fishing has taken the man up to Bornholm in Denmark, not to mention the events that are coming closer. As a Pirkanman In Häme Cup, Kristian has been racing for several years.

Marcel Spremberg - Pro Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Marcel Spremberg

Pro Angler

Since the first hour Marcel Spremberg uses the Raymarine Dragonfly. Starting with the Dragonfly-6, he was thrilled by the detailed depiction of the CHIRP DownVision ™ technology.

Maurizio Pastacaldi - Pro Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Maurizio Pastacaldi

Pro Angler

Maurizio is a certified captain and journalist, well known in Italy and Europe for his prowess as a seasoned sport fisherman.

Mikey Sarelin - Pro Fisherman | Raymarine by FLIR

Mikael “Mikey” Sarelin

Pro Fisherman

Moe Newman - Pro Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Moe Newman

Pro Angler

In my line of business, it’s very important for me to run what I feel is the best of the best—and along with my boats, my Raymarine Axiom Pro and FLIR give me the comfort and security and confidence that I can get in and get out and be productive

Peter Miller - Pro Angler and TV Host | Raymarine by FLIR

Peter Miller

Pro Angler & TV Host

A lifelong fisherman and avid outdoorsman. Originally from Tappan, New York; Peter’s first forays into fishing took place on freshwater streams and lakes in upstate New York.

Ray Brazier - Pro Fisherman | Raymarine by FLIR

Ray Brazier

Pro Fisherman

Ray Brazier is a veteran tournament angler with 20+ years’ experience. He gained recognition in the early years as the engineer that could tweak a boat to its fastest speed.

Shuan Ruge - Pro Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Capt. Shuan Ruge

Pro Angler

Discover how Terry and Shaun used the Raymarine Super HD Color Radar and the CP450C CHIRP Sounder to run a fishing charter with 2.5 hours of non-stop catching!

Tim Dean - Pro Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Tim Dean

Pro Angler

Captain Tim Dean has been fishing the entire East Coast of Australia all of his life. Tim started out at the age of just five, with his father John, fishing from small boats on the South Coast of Australia they often caught yellowfin tuna which used to seem frequent in the waters, it was here Tim saw his future.

Timmy Horton - Pro Bass Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Timmy Horton

Pro Bass Angler

When I'm not fishing, I'm probably thinking about it. I'm a big college football (Auburn Tigers) fan, and a big Atlanta Braves fan. I also enjoy turkey hunting.

Tom Pitasi - Charter Captain | Raymarine by FLIR

Tom Pitasi

Charter Captain

Capt. Tom Pitasi owns and operates Coastal Fishing Charters and is one of Connecticut’s top fly & light tackle fishing guides.

Tommy Skarlis - Pro Bass Angler | Raymarine by FLIR

Tommy Skarlis

Pro Bass Angler

Iowa native, Tommy Skarlis' first fishing memory was hooking a farm country bluegill under the watchful eye of his mom. Tommy continued honing his fishing skills on the Mississippi River and its backwaters, small lakes, countless ponds, and expansive reservoirs.