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Multifunction instruments and autopilot control heads herald the Raymarine next generation

  Dame Awards 2011


Raymarine’s new family of instruments includes the i70 multifunctional instrument head and two autopilot control heads - one tailored for power boaters, the Raymarine p70R, and one for sailors, the Raymarine p70.

All are packed with powerful features, are stunningly designed, offer excellent graphics and come with a highly intuitive user interface making them very easy to use. The i70 instrument was nominated for the prestigious 2011 DAME Design Award in the Marine Electronics category. 





Raymarine i70 Instrument Display Front

Raymarine i70 instrument


Boasting a 4.1” over-sized LCD display, the i70 instrument displays maxi 43mm digits in full screen mode. The superior 160˚ horizontal and vertical viewing angles ensure the screen display can be seen clearly from all angles - even sideways on - and is enhanced by the anti-reflective coating for improved visibility in bright sunlight. i70’s advanced LED backlighting delivers vibrant colour and contrast and uses up to 35% less power consumption than other colour instruments, so saves energy too.

In a “world first”, the i70 instrument has the ability to act as an AIS repeater, showing the 25 closest AIS transmitting vessels and enabling vessel information to be obtained from individually selected targets. This new ‘AIS at-a-glance’ display is an invaluable extra visual reference and adds to situational awareness for all on board.




From traditional analogue dials to engine information and tank levels, the i70 has the graphic capabilities to show it all. Supported data views include Wind, Speed, Depth, Tridata, Engine (NMEA2000), Environmental (NMEA2000), Fuel (NMEA2000) and Navigation.

The i70 has Raymarine’s new LightHouse user interface on board; it’s simple and quick to use and is consistent with Raymarine’s new e7 multifunction display, so once users are familiar with LightHouse they will be equally at home with all Raymarine’s new products.

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LightHouse User Interface on the Raymarine i70 Instrument Display



P70 white on black  


Raymarine p70 and p70R autopilot control heads

The new autopilot control heads share the i70’s superior display features but in a 3.5” screen format. They are available in two versions:

p70 with -/+ 1˚ and -/+ 10˚ push-button controls designed primarily for sailing vessels.

p70R with a combination of push-button and rotary controls for powered crafts.

Both are easily customisable and able to display pilot information in a number of different formats to suit the user.

p70 and p70R support Auto, Standby, Pattern, Track and Wind Vane autopilot modes. The p70R has additional Power Steer and Jog Steer modes. Fishermen will find the wide range of fishing patterns especially useful, freeing them up to concentrate on their surroundings and the fish.




Both the p70 and p70R autopilot heads are able to support multiple data sources and are compatible with Raymarine SPX Series pilots and Raymarine ST pilots (S1, S2 and S3 including the G variants).

They also feature Raymarine’s new LightHouse user interface. It’s simple and quick to use and consistent with Raymarine’s new e7 multifunction display. 

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  • i70: £440 / €525 excluding taxes (part no. E22172)
  • p70: £450 / €550 excluding taxes (part no. E22166)
  • p70R: £500 / €600 excluding taxes (part no. E22167)

The new instruments are available from your local Raymarine dealer now.
Raymarine P70R Autopilot Control Head